What Exhaust systems are you guys running on the 2008 yz450?

Just picked up an 08 on Friday and rode it Sat. stone stock... bottom end needs a little help. Today I went out again and put the stock silencer off my 07 on the 08, made a big difference...much better. I also tested my Dr D exhaust from my 07 which gave it a even bit more, but with just the tail end off the 07 was a serious improvement.

3rd ride of the season...

First ride on a tight sand track, bike felt plenty fast, didnt seem to be lacking snort down low like all the rags said, but also my first time on a bike all winter, so I'm thinking anything would feel fast.

Second ride on a longer loamy track, now the bike is noticeably soft in the low and mid. I noticed it landing off 3rd gear jumps, when you want the instant torque on landing, this thing was bogging. Through the whoops it was harder to keep the motor on the bubble. My Hondas never did that. Third ride, today, with the Two Bros full ti system. OMG....the bike has been transformed motor wise. Huge increase and range of power. It comes on right now and revs longer. Seat of the pants says this thing is faster than any of my last 3 stock CRF450s....but who knows. I rode almost the whole track in 3rd gear. I tried to think a positive spin on the new 08 stock powerband and that so called trick silencer. First ride it felt fine...but once I shook my winter cobwebs and starting twisting the throttle harder I quickly realized this thing needed improvement. Now it has all the motor I'll ever need and I couldn't be more impressed. I'm still fine tuning the suspension, its not bad, but I know it can be better. Next month a re spring and a re valve are in order.

I'm running the GYTR setup with the collector on the head pipe. While I like the setup in the desert it is not Forest Service approved. So I may have to get rid of it and put a different pipe on. I ride in the woods alot and I don't want green suited dudes chasing me down.

Dr D good gains, header blocks the oil filter. Yoshimura, incredible gains, header does not block the oil filter. I think the yosh is tougher as well

I think the yosh is tougher as well
That would be a change from the Yoshimura systems I remember. Their mufflers used to be like multiple layers of foil.

Followup to my Two Bros. post. While I love the power increase the system gave me, I'm not liking the fact that the lower slip on mount cracked after one ride. Consequently, I had to race with the stock exhaust this weekend at Southwick, which demands all the power you can get. I know Titanium is supposed to be stronger than stainless, but those mounting tabs look verrrry thin. We will see what Two Bros customer support does for me, as the pipe got sent back to them this week.

That would be a change from the Yoshimura systems I remember. Their mufflers used to be like multiple layers of foil.

I have the RS-2 stainless and it feels thicker then my dr d. I didnt like the dr's pipe cause it blocked the header and I wanted to try something different

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