I made a real good order today!!!!

OK here is the list,

Rekluse Pro

GPR Stabilizer

Dr D pipe

New White plastics

New custom graphics

Skid plate


Hand guards

Seat cover



hmm I think that is about it..

lucky for me, I get BIG discounts or trade our pitbikes for parts www.pitsterpro.com

Cant wait to get my bike set up just like i like it!! Yeah I know, I wont get my money out of any of this stuff when I sale it in a yr lol

yea but you will enjoy your bike more, and to me that is worth it.

sell what you can on ebay or TT - remove as much aftermkt as you can prior to sell

have you used a stabilizer before? because I wont ride without one i see it as a piece of safety equipment. and i know with most stabilizers you need a diff top tripple clamp to beable to mount. I just got mine put on my 07450f. making sure you can mount it cuz id hate to see that stablizer not used till u get the parts.

i jus made a nice order

full dep exshaurst

pro taper tripple clamps

samco hose kit in blue

hand gaurds

450 cam

i think thats about it but i excited :thumbsup::D:D

I beat on my '06 for two years and she really needed some love.

So Far:

One Industries White Camo Plastic\Graphics\seat\# plates\fork guards

Hinson Clutch Basket

Pro Circuit Clutch Springs

GYTR Plates

Wiseco 13.5-1 Piston\Gasket Kit

Timing Chain

Fork Re-valve and Seal

T.M. Design Chain Guide

New rear linkage\elbow

Cycra Pro-bends

Billet Timing Plugs and Dip

Still coming:

Brake Pads

Regina Chain

Renthal Blue 50t Rear

Maxxis IT front\rear


Blue Excels w\black spokes

oh i spend too much money on my bike and i still want to do alot

asv c5 clutch & brake

asv hotstart (brake side)

dr.d stainless system

pwr racing blue rad hoses

renthal 12t counter sprocket

renthal blue rear sprocket (stock teeth, forgot if it was 49 or 50)

renthal r1 works chain

maxxis it 120/90/19

pro taper ball bearing alu throttle tube

turner rimlock/valve stem kit (blue)

renthal dual compound grips

fx grip donuts

i know i'm forgetting something

but i'll be getting a new front tire soon, and i want to powdercoat my frame and swingarm black and get some new graphics, also thinking about blue plastics aswell since these white are hard to keep white and honestly, yamaha blue is sexy.

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