Replacement Plastic

Looking to change the look of my 01WR426. I have a black Clarke 3.3 gal YZ tank on the way. Picking up a new SDG black seat in the next couple of days. My next mission is to find black front and rear fenders. If I have to loose the rear tail light and the front light to get what I am looking for I will. I would like to keep them but I know I'll never really need the lights. What I really need is a whole new plastic kit. Has anyone ever done this to their WR? If so where did you find your stuff? Will YZ front and rear fenders bolt up to my WR without any drilling? Later.

I would love to put black fenders on my bike. But just to give you something to think about, when a black fender bends or creases it turns white. This stands out alot, and you can't get rid of them. GOOD LUCK.


when black loses it's shine (which is right away), the bike alwys looks old and tired.

Ever thought about the yellow One Industries plastic?

Great Idea, But black looks ratty right away. Listen to the other guy's Black look's great in a showroom but will look like poop after one ride. Not to mention what that black gas tank is going to do on HOT day's in direct sunlight :)


On the crease issue, Ive been running the yellow kit for over 2 years now and the plastic has no creases at all and still looks fairly good.

Of course the shine is gone, but I think all plastic loses its shine after a few rides in the woods.

acerbis makes total kits in a number of colour(black for sure). I had a 98 that had crease in the fenders and I used a heat gun to take the white marks out

Even though this set appears to be used its going for $28 right now. Thats a steal!!

I bought my plastic kit for $240 I believe. If I was thinking about a yellow plastic kit this would be the sweet ticket.

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