New bike, soo many mods

I'm going to be riding my new to me 99 wr400 for the second time in less than two weeks. (The 15th). I have seen the areas I want to improve. There are so many mods I can do I want to do them all, but most importantly I want the bike to be running on the 15th so I can have a fun day. Here's what I want to improve... I noticed a little bog when I jump on the throttle after idle. I have read that the accelerator pump is probably the problem here. And that I should get an after market cover for it. Or possibly a different size diaphram??? Also it takes a few seconds for the revs to come down when I go from high revs to idle. I've read this can be the Air Cut Valve circuit, and that I should shut that off. Also, I have a new procircuit T4 silenncer on it's way. I also have a 450 exhaust cam on it's way, and a new timing chain. I'd like to do the air box mod too. I'd like to do the acv mod but there are too many methods to choose from. What is the easiest and most common method to do the acv mod? I guess I want to get all the mods that require re-jetting out of the way first. I don't want to have to re-jet my bike 3 or 4 times. SO...

New silencer



Accelerator pump

All require rejetting correct? Am I asking for trouble trying to do all of these plus the cam switch all at once? Or is there a more sound approach?

Wow I thought there would be alot of opinions on this question.

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