Best tyres for Honda XR600r?

Wich tyres will be best for off road use(woods,mud,rocks,river crossing)-i`m thinking about Dunlop 756,Michelin S 12...any suggestions?


Those are both great tires. I like the 756.

The XR600 will wear out a tire very quickly. I was buying a 756 every month or two. That became expensive. I now use the Maxxis Desert IT and it lasts much longer. Not as good traction, but I will take the trade off for longer life.

I run M12 front and S12 rear in soft deserty riding with more sand than mud. I get about 20 rides out of a front and 5-10 rides (250-500 km) out of a rear before the center knobs are worn flat/torn off.


I had a 756 front on a CR250 and it seemed like a good intermediate to soft terrain tire. I have a Maxxix Cross IT on the back of my 600 and it's a nice general purpose tire with reasonably long life.

For traction, my favorites are an BIG M12 in the rear, and a 952. However, they don't last too long.

My most favorite overall has to be the 756. It doesn't hook up quite as well as the others, but it does a really good job, and seems to last a lot longer than the others.

If you want a tire that will wear very little, I had a Maxxis IT that lasted a LONG time, but was miserable in many conditions...

i'd stick with the dunlops also.i've been using a 952 rear and 756 front on my cr250 and they wear fairly well.i run a755 front and 756 rear on my wr450.on the 450 the 755 doesn't break the outer knobs down so quickly when braking olde 4fiddy be a bit heavier to stop.and you can keep your maxxis...

Here in Srbija we dont have dilers for that Maxxis tyres...Anyway,what is important for me:good traction on variety of terrain-price is not a important and i dont want to sacrifice performans(grip) for longer life tyres.

So,apparently- D 756 is a best choice.

Thanks for fast response to my question...


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