steel brake lines

Is the WR426F font brake line steel type. If not is there a big difference with steel?

NOT Steel

IMHO : YES, Big difference, and worth every penny.

I also bled the crap out of it after install! :)

Huge difference on my '98 wr400. I installed a fastline. Pretty easy to do yourself and they sell the stock WR routing too (about 65-70$). Just be sure you get the banjo aligned and with enough washers to get a good fit on the caliper end.

Both the galfer and the goodridge ss line kits are better quality than the fastline. I returned my fastline when the fittings were indexed improperly and the stiffener sleeve was loose on the line allowing it to slide around.

The goodridge kit is available from parts unlimited.

Check your dealer for the galfer availability.

10x fellas for the hints!

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