YZ426 Clutch Parts

I want to replace the clutch on my 01 YZ426 with OEM parts, but I can't find what I need.

The microfiche from Yamaha isn't answering my questions. I know I need 8 friction plates and 8 steel plates (#7 and #8 in the drawing), but what about the six springs? Where are they located? Are they represented by #9 in the drawing? Do I need another lock washer (#15)? Is there anything else I need?

I'm hoping someone with experience replacing a 426 clutch can fill me in. I called the TT store, but they told me to just look at the drawing to see what I need.

My extenders at the lever and down by the case are nearly all the way out and my clutch isn't disengaging completely. If I rev the engine while stopped in gear and the clutch pulled in, the bike wants to pull forward a little. I'm planning to take the side cover off tomorrow to see exactly what's going on, but I don't think a replacement clutch would hurt. I bought the bike used with not much riding time on it, but the clutch is 7 years old now.

The springs are #9, and yes, get another washer. You also need a bottom plate, #12.

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