yzf450 2006 oil levels

Out of interest why is it that the manual says use 1 litre (1000ml) of oil when you replace the oil filter, but if not replacing the filter 1.2 litres (1200ml) ? I would of thought it would be the other way round, (me in thinking that the oil filter housing contains 200ml). Could someone please explain why this is ! :thumbsup: bike is a 2006 yzf450 cheers fellas.

It could be because you read it wrong. It says:

Periodic oil change 0.95L (1.0 US qt)

With oil filter replacement 1.0L (1.06 US qt)

Total amount 1.2L (1.27 US qt)

"Period oil change" is with no filter. "Total amount " refers to the amount of oil it will take if it freshly assembled. There are 200cc oil oil that won't drain during an oil change.

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