Hello from Scotland and a quick plastic question!

Hi all, first post here and what a mine of info it is! Just got myself a wr400 to go with my GSXR 1000 and am really enjoying it! Was brought up on Motox zingers and am enjoying the change to a 4 stroke, a quick question though, I have read threads about the plastic rad/side panels being interchangable but was looking to put a YZF rear mudguard onto the WR to modernize it a bit then bolt my license plate underneath, what year YZF rear should I go for or will they all fit?

Cheers and keep the front wheel high:ride:

I just did the same thing to my 99WR, you can order an Acerbis rear YZF for it, 98-02 will fit! If you also get the Acerbis L.E.D. tailight and plate holder it looks really sharp.

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