Ty Davis

So, why is Ty riding a Yz 250 this season instead of the 426?

Depends on the race and terrain. Sometimes you feel like a 426, sometimes you don't!!! Nice to have that option (I'll never know!!)


Ty is one of my heros....But he sure got spanked at the Macon Ga "Rebel Run" GNCC, on the 426. Since then, he hasn't returned to the GNCC series, then he pulled the 250 out of mothballs. Mabe the east coast woods are too much for him.

That's ok..Jason Raines has taken up the slack quite nicely....

Bonzai :)

Kermit, I see Ty when I race in the desert. He shows up with different bike all the time. He mostly rides the 426 but I do see him on the 250f quite a bit. And he also races the 250 2 stroke. Must be nice..........

TY was out in Milliken Colorado April 14th riding the YZ 250. Had a great lead but on the 11th lap rumor is she seized up on him. I was watching for him to come around and next thing I knew he was pushing his bike into the Pits. Great news is Local Colorado rider MK took his Big Blue Thumper to the #1 finish.

I have only been involved in desert racing (D37) for a short time but I have seen all the top guys ride both a 250 and an open bike. It just depends on how technical it coarse is and they allmost all ride their 250's in the open class.

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