Coolant Question

Hi all,

I was wondering how much antifreeze there should be in my dad's DRZ-400 dual sport bike which i am riding. I believe the bike is an '05 model if that matters. The radiator is full but the resevoir down below is empty. I'd really like to make sure I'm doing the right thing before I break my dad's bike. Haha. Should the resevoir also be full? If so, how do i fill it?

No thats just an overflow. You should be fine.

I sort of figured that's what it is because it always fills a little bit once the bike warms up. Thanks

I forget what I did to get some into mine. I think I put one hose into a container and sucked on the other one.

Wait! I sucked on the overflow hose and added coolant to the radiator filler.

I don't like having air in my cooling system. Additionally, the system will expell all the air and top off by doing this. I sarted with about a half cup in the reservoir and now I'm stable at about two tablespoons.

I run just a bit in the old baster when cold, that way I can tell at a glance that my coolant level is fine.

Generally its recomended you run a 50:50 mix of de-mineralised water and anti freeze concentrate in the DRZ. Works for me at least, and gets flushed and changed yearly.

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