Pro Taper Handlebar Install w/ Pics

When I bought my XR400 back in the summer, it had one crappy set of handlebars. I don't know if they were even motorcycle bars, but they worked. Well, I finally got tired of riding around with bent bars so I ordered a set of 1 1/8" Pro-Taper bars. Installation was very easy, and I am quite happy with the finished product. I can't wait until the new ASV levers and the grips come in. I also ordered a set of Acerbis wrap around handguards. I have since read something to the effect that these handguards will not work with ASV levers. :thumbsup: Hopefully I will be able to rig something up. Anyway, here are some before and after pics of the the bars.





I've been looking for some wider handguards to clear my ASV levers also. So I'll see what yours look like and how they work :thumbsup:

Alright, that sounds good. If they work, I will take some pics so you can see if you like them.

Hey Nicks_Dakota that looks great and i am now thinking that maybe i should do the same with my XR250 1998 as the bars on that are standard and could be improved. Just a question did you have to modify anything to swap them over such as the clamps etc or any of the equipment you had to attach? And also is 1 and 1/4 bars the standard most popular size?

Thanks m8 yours looks awesome and hopefully i can do the same to mine.


Jokerflingo, thanks for the compliments. First, let me apologize for a mistake I made in my previous post...the bars are 1 1/8"...not 1 1/4". OK, on to your question... You will need a different set of clamps if you go with larger diameter bars. I believe the standard bars are 7/8", so the standard clamps will not accept larger bars. If you decide to go this route, you should be able to get the clamps you need at Just search their website for "Tusk universal big bar clamp kit". It is a bit expensive ($34.99), but necessary if you intend to use fatter bars. I don't know about the most popular bar size...I went with 1 1/8" bars because I have read that they are stronger than standard. I hope this helps.

K thanks nicks_dakota i will have to keep a look out for some 1 1/8 bars along with a couple of those clamps. Just the one problem is having to find them in Aussie cause everything overhear is more scarce and bloody expensive.

Edit: Just a quick question do all your cables still fit ok as those two coming from the throttle look a little stretched? If they are could it be worse on a smaller XR250 or are pretty much the same and meant to be like that?

Thanks again m8 cause those bars looks awesome.


Jokerflingo, the throttle cables do look a little tight, but it doesn't seem to affect their ability to function properly. These are not the stock throttle cables, they came with the Edelbrock pumper carb...seems like they might be just a tad longer than stock. I don't know if you would have a problem with your throttle cables with after market bars, but I seriously doubt it. I'm sure that they will be fine. I understand that things are harder to get there, but can you order from a website like the one I mentioned? Seems like you would be able to order off the web as long as the company offers international shipping. Right?

Yer i guess your right there but i myself seriously have the worst luck in the world and i usually struggle to get my money back when something goes wrong when ive bought something interstate in my own country let alone internationally. I guess though i cant really go past it though right now not when one $1 Aussie dollars = $0.94 US Dollars. I have been looking on that site and a few others based in the US and was wondering what prices they charge over there for another item that i may invest in being a Trail Tech Vapor Computer as it seems to show alot more info that would be useful to me compared to the standard speedo. As you can see this Aussie site i found wants about $240 dollars for it.

Sorry about getting off topic but do you happen to know any other good US motorcycle sites that offer great prices and do ship internationally to AUS?

Thanks Again


Hey Matt did you check with the TT store? They ship Internationally and have a 110% low price guarantee (no I don't work for TT but I sound like a salesman hahahaa). Seems I've heard they match almost any price anywhere, better check that though.


Actually as you were writing that message i have been searching their site and have found they have plenty of different bars but im not sure they will fit my Honda XR250 as most of them are specified for the XR400 with only a couple specified for my XR250 which i didn't like :thumbsup:

Had a look on their for several other things id like to have but probably don't need lol but i couldn't find any of those trail tech vapor computers :eek: which look quite handy. I will keep searching on TT to see if i missed anything that might come in handy.


Not too sure about the 250 but I run Pro-Taper contour bars and bar risers with stock cables on my 400>I just route the cables on the rider side of the bars and have no problems.Check my garage and you will see a pic and it will become clear what Im talking about.:thumbsup:

Larraby 400 thanks for posting those pictures and thats a very nice bike but do those cables get in the way or anything and also you are in AUS where abouts did you get your set of bars along with the clamps from?

Also i would love to know where you got your bashplate from along with the acerbis hand guards and what model are they? and is the acerbis headlight a improvement over stock and what wattage globe you running?

And how is the staintune muffler as i have heard they are meant to be good? does it make a nice tune and is it worth the money since they are quite expensive over here in AUS :thumbsup:.

Last of all did you actually stick your rego for the bike on the white plastic like the actual plastic sticker on the white plastic lol?

Where abouts you in AUS can you get away with not running mirrors or blinkers? Can you legally actually use hand signals instead? But i am sure that you are legally meant to have at least one mirror?

Would you care to clear me up about the motorbike road rules lol as i am running the lot but wont continue doing so if not necessary cause i always bump the mirrors and have already cracked one blinker.



Matt,Heres the answers to your questions

1# No the cables dont get in the way>not for me anyway

2#I got my bars from the local Honda dealer

3#My clamps I ordered from the U.S>not cheap but they work good>Heres the link

4#Bashplate came from Ballards off road>about $130

5#Handguards are Barkbuster Ego's with triple clamp mounts>not Acerbis

6#Headlight was fitted to save weight and ease of removal not for visibility>but I dont think it'd be brighter than the stock unit>no idea what wattage.

7#Staintune pipe is good>louder than stock but I run it with the baffle in>Loud bikes piss me off>not cheap but what is good thats cheap>plus its Aussie made:thumbsup:

8#Yes I stuck my rego label to my sideplate then covered it in clear plastic to weatherproof it.That label is all I got for $500 odd dollars>the least I can do is look after it.Plus I cant lose it that way.

#9 I dont run blinkers because I dont ride it on the road>I Transport it to the trails I ride.You can ride without blinkers anywhere in Australia that you can outrun the cops or afford defect infringements :thumbsup: .Same deal with mirrors>but I do run a Dualstar mirror.Dont know how legal it is for road use but dont care as I dont ride on the road.Link Got it from Ballards.

#10 Not too sure about Motorbike rules but I think your meant to run 2 mirrors and indicators to keep it legal>only think its necessary if you want to avoid getting fined or hit by a car for not signalling which way your intending to go>but Im not too phased about rules and stuff as its a dirtbike and I only ride it on the dirt.I use a car for general transport.

Wow 10 questions answered.I really am a guru :eek:



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