Question for the Doc.

Hi DR Mark, I would like to thank you for all the great advice you give on this site your info is priceless.

My question for you is, I have 3 bulging Disk 3-4,4-5 and 5-S1 and one of them has a tear, they said a central annular tear how ever they did not grade it.

I had sciatica for the last month my right leg is numb but seems to be getting better.

Will my leg ever be normal? Do bulging disk go back to normal?

How much time should I take before attemping to race again?

Thanx for your help Doc.

Bulging disks are part of the "maturation" process. My fix which nearly aways works is

1. areobic exrcise, one our per day every day. Yes, you CAN do it.

2. weigh what you weighed when you were discharged from the Service

3. quit smoking

4. Advil as neessary

5. avoid ortho spine guys and neurosurgons as much as possible.

Thank you Dr Mark,I was superman untill I hit 42 last June then it was like someone unplugged me Te He.

Im feeling 80% then I did a month ago. Guess Id better make sure I clear those triples instead of casing them more often:)

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