05 -07 any bad year?

are there any bad years from 05 to 07.. or anythign to look for? or is one year much better? Im only going to be using the engine/ frame and swingarm.. Im planning on putting in a stroker crank and cam as well.. the rest of the parts are goin on ebay..


which is best?

I have an 05 that has been rock solid after I put in new SS valves. I can not compare the three since I have only ridden my 05. But as far as I know from reading on here you can not go wrong with any of the three that you mentioned! Since you are buying used I would take a good look at the all the bearings ie swing arm, linkage,steering,and wheel as well as the overall condition of the bike. I also like to look around the persons yard or garage to see what kind of shape the rest of his or her stuff is in. Generaly speaking if the rest if their stuff looks like it has not been taken care of neither has the bike. This is probably not much help for you but at least it is a reply.

05-07 are all basically the same with some minor changes like porting/exhaust. They are all great bikes and you won't go wrong with any of them. That being said, I'd by the newest one I could afford.

thnx for the help found an 07 for 4000.. ill guess ill get that..

I think the '07 is best but opinions will vary. All valves last just fine until you feed it dirt. SS valves hold up to dirt much better, but that's kinda like saying forks work better with oil in them............

wont be running in the dirt so that OK.. street only

if any one has a frame/ motor they want to sell let me know thats the only parts i need..

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