wr450 have ?s should I buy or not need advice

I tested a 05 wr450 it was very clean bike and it is ca plated which is what I want but the bike felt really top heavy did not like to turn may be it is the ims tank and fuel or may be I am used to a yzf450.Another thing it ran ok no popping but it just seemed like it did not have a lot of grunt down low it would never try to pick up the front end and this was on the street it had aftermarket pipe and he said there was no smog on it it had 700 miles on it I just felt it should have a little more snap what do you think

I would sure like so input thanks

Was it a new bike or used? Were the free mods done? WR is heavy compared to a YZ.

I can't speak to the 05, or much else for that matter, but I just bought a (0) miles 06 WR450F from a local dealer (yes, an '06) and they informed me that the bike comes stock "de-tuned" for emissions legal. They referred to it as being 25% less power than what it is really capable of, and that to get the full power they would need to grind off a pin/clip (something technical) in the throttle sleave.

Given I haven't riden for 15 years, I agreed to take it as is and wait until I bring it back after about 3 tank rides for a valve adjustment and decide if I wanted the extra power.

When I took it out for the first time the other day, I already can tell I want the extra power. It didn't really have much in it.

I'm not sure if the 05 is the same, so hopefully someone else can validate.

with mods and proper jetting, it should haul a**, has it been sitting? is it tuned for your area?, how much?

I raced the Elsinore Grand Prix on mine (05 WR450) last year and almost pulled the holeshot in my class. The other 450s had slightly more on me right out of the turns but as soon as it straightend out they couln't touch me. I love mine!

Couple of things may be the issue. The throttle stop in the carb may not have been replaced. Easy fix, you can either pull it and cut it as required or do what most of us do and get the YZ throttle stop and call it day. Also, the smog is easy to see, look on the rightside of the motor, if there is some funky looking plumbing on it, the smog is still there. Though, people on here say that is just to take care of the decell popping and shouldn't affect the performance of the bike. Also, has this bike been rejetted? The bikes come very, and I mean VERY lean from the factory so this could the issue as well. Know before I did the mod's on my 450 the front end would come up that much. NOW, can't keep the thing down. Nothing like throwing a roost with the front end up. Since you state it has an after market exhaust then the stopped up exhaust is taken care of.

Also, since this bike is plated it may be running lean cause mileage may be more important to this person. My WR gets about 15 mpg. Then again it is mostly WFO.

If I get it I will have to check the throttle stop and can till by how for you can twist it also now think 700 miles is alot he did say that it is graet on gas so may be it needs jeting but usally you it would pop and bog it does not he has not ridden it much my be bad gas

used bike wants $6000 I think I can get it for $5000

used bike wants $600 I think I can get it for $5000

Look around............a freind of mine picked up a clean 05 with all the mods done for 3800...............

I got the 06 WR450F off the dealer floor with 0 miles for under $5300; they had to make room for those 08's and had a couple 07's they wanted to dump. You can get new 07's for around $6000 at dealers.

I know this sounds like I will have to pay higher then normal but it has a ca street plate which is hard to get

There is one on Sacramento Craigs List for $2900 but no way you get a plated one for that. I think you will pay close 5k for a cleanly plated '05.

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