is it running right?

I have an 05 yamaha yfz 450, im at an elevation of about 0 to 1800ft. The mods i have in it are a k&n air filter, hmf slipon, boyseen qiukshot 2, dyno jetting and the cam mod. The jetting thats in it now is a 132 main, 48 pilote, 5th needle clip(dyno jets needle) with 3 turns out on the screw. Is it jetted write and if not what should i put in it?

I would really appreciate it if guys helped me or gave me suggestions with this.

how does it run?

It runs fine but i feel that i should be getting more power from it. i dont think that i have the fuel screw turned correctly. Also in first gear when i let go of the clutch and its rolling fine but i have to have the throtle pushed halfway befor its gets going.

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