Shift combat boots?

anyone every heard anything about shift combat boot? just order for 100 bucks, because thats all i had? comment?

they are crap. i had em tear in half, the buckles come loose, they discolor very fast, and they damage bike frame. but you orded em already, what are you going to do about it??

just kidding, i would have posted a thread about them first...and then ordered them

hah, o belived you

I have em'.I like em'.

i have a pair and theyre pretty good for 100 dollar boots, the buckles arent my fav but theyre better than some i have seen, if its what you can afford then:thumbsup: better than nothing

they will work for a little while. but i would strongly suggest trying to save up for a better boot. sure they cost 2 to 3 times as much. But my new boots have already lasted 4 times as long as the shift boots and only have a few scratches.

I will tell you this: When you have had those 50$ oneal boots that are now available at Pepboys, then the combat boots are like heaven.

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