St Joes this week

Is anyone from TT going to be doing any riding this week? The weather is looking amazing Tue and Wed in the area and I'm thinking about heading over from So IL. while on my spring break.

A couple of us were thinking of heading down from northern IL but we heard reports of big snow etc... What are the conditions like there?

All the snow is melted, should be great this week. I'm thinking about going wednesday in the morning.

The conditions on Tuesday and Wed are suppose to be in the 50's and 60's with nothing but sunshine. I am really wanting to go but need some people to hit the trails up with! If you decide to go, let me know. I'm no expert but can do just about any pace or type of riding.

70 degrees wednesday! I'd be out there but I'm getting screws outta the left ankle.

We are still deciding to pull the trigger or not. Depends on a buddys work schedule. This will be our first time down there and we sure would appreciate any company / guidance while there... Hope to know by later this morning...

Any word if you guys are going?

Went riding today solo at st joes. The conditions were great. Sticky wheelie sand and beautiful sunshine galore. Tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer. There were a bunch of bikes out today, surprised no one on here went (or maybe they did go and didnt say anything) Would love to go again tomorrow if anyone is down to ride.

im going wensday??? maybe got a half day of school a need some mx practice.

Where is st joes?

We just couldn't pull it together for last week. Which stunk as we were all revved up to do it...

Anybody know what the conditions are to be like this upcoming week?

Where is st joes?

10 minutes away from Farmington, MO. From STL 270south to 55south to 67south. 1 hour from STL

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