Husky for Enduro X!

I am in the market to perches a husky to run in this years enduro cross, any suggestions on which model would be best?

I weigh 220lbs as a side note

Lets see how many come back with TXC 450...

I love that bike!

That depends on what bike you feel best on currently in these types of conditions. I would really look at the WR 250, of course that is what I am riding right now. The TXC would be good as well with the button and suspension. To me it looks more trials like and I still like the two strokes in those conditions. That is just me, your the one who has to ride it down those tires.

I cant wait, I've even set up some tires in the back of my shop to start jumping over with my DRZ

I think the lighter the better, but a button would really help as well. how much do the older TE450's weigh?

Some courses would favor a 125, so it just depends.

not a bad idea, I would save about 30lbs from the 450


'08 txc 250. with a 300 athena kit with a heavy flywheel and 1" lowered suspension. To me it looks like its all about light weight, agility and keeping the bike running. I would choose something that i could throw around easily, could catch when it starts to fall, and has just enough power to keep churnin

Aren't alot of the guys running 4strokes in the E X running reckluse's? That's what I'd do.

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