street legal rmx

i bought an rmx a few weeks ago and have seen a few that are street legal and now i found another rmx a few miles from my house that has a headlight and brake light and im thinking it would be cool to buy it and drive it on the street not really road trips but to work about 10 miles a day. mine rmx doesnt have any lights so its out of the question but can i buy the rest of the turn signals and mirrors and make this other rmx legal?

why not just put lights on your rmx? it has the lighting coil in the stator for it. whoever had it before you must have taken them off

well for 1 no title and it would probble be cheaper to buy this and keep my rmx for offroad use only.

i still stand by my statement that you should put lights on it.....all bikes should have lights, unles you are racing mx. but you obviously aren't or else you wouldn't be riding an rmx

i was actually kinda thinking more along the supermoto look for another rmx. i dont think street tires would do well offroad.

i was actually kinda thinking more along the supermoto look for another rmx. i dont think street tires would do well offroad.

i don't follow you, what i meant was for off-road riding lights do nothng more than help. (unless you only ride in the afternoon) that one evening when you are out riding, and the sun starts to drop you will love your headlight. and since its an rmx it already has a lighting coil, so all you need is to find the wires, and hook up a headlight, if you buy one like a ufo dual twins headlight it simply mounts with rubber straps that go around the forks....easo on, easy off

The only street legal RMXs I've heard of are the ones sold overseas. The ones here came with headlights and taillights, but no brake lights. I expect a fellow could hook up brake lights, but going really "street legal" often means running a battery, too.

Like cammeddr-z said, your wiring harness should already be there for the head/tail lights. The stock headlight connects with two rubber straps around the forks; the stock rear fender has the taillight built in. You may be able to find suitable parts on eBay.

PM me your email address and I'll send you a picture of the wiring harness.

it would be better to fit a drc edge taillight (or any other) and an aftermarket headlight, if he goes with the aftermarket it not only gives him brand-new equipment, but options for him to customize according to his taste

I won't argue with that. The stock stuff is pretty dim. I added a 55w halogen bulb to my headlight; it works OK, but not as bright as "modern" lights. :thumbsup:

i got a ufo dual twins headlight and it came with dual 20w bulbs. needless to say, i wanted more, the bulbs are available at home depot, lowes, ace, i bought a 3 pack of 50w bulbs for $5.99 from wal-mart

putting a lighting coil on an MX bike (YZ250) was an expensive lesson for me. it didn't work. it's better to buy a bike with lights already on it. so, buy my lights if you like. They have a superior lighting coil made by e-line but it's $459.

I have a street license plate for it now but will just ride Forest Service roads in MX form and pray for an easy-going Ranger.

I just sold a 98 XR650 L yesterday and purchased a 96 RMX today. I have owned a number of Suzuki's and was glad to get my hands on this one. Good to be back on a 2-stroke woods bike again.

I live in Missouri and the rules for licensing a motorcycle here are pretty straightforward. I printed off the state highway patrol inspection rules and if your bike did not come with blinkers, hi beam, or brake light from the factory you do not have to have them.

You do have to have a headlight and a tailight, and one rear red reflector that can be seperate or part of the tailight lense. You also need DOT rubber, a single mirror, and a horn.

My parts bin happens to have a hydraulic brake light switch, an acerbis mirror, a horn, and a switch for the horn. and I have a good front DOT approved tire so right now I am pretty close to having everything I need to make mine pass. If I opt to not do the brake light, I am just a DOT approved rear tire and some wiring away from what I need. Having owned and ridden a 1975 TS 250 as primary transportation as a teenager I can't wait to get my RMX plated and on the road.

Bottom line is know your state laws, and hope that they are not too restrictive. It also helps to live in rural area's where emissions testing is not concern. Good luck !!

absolutely plan on plating the d

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