Enduro cross bike!

I want to compete in this years enduro cross, but my dirt bike is a modified DRZ400s, as much as I LOVE it, I just don't think putting it through the event will be good for me or my ride. My budjet is $2,500.00 any suggestions or people who know of any bikes in FL for sale that would fit the bill would be great! I weigh about 220lbs but I'm in good shape, I would consider myself an average skill rider.

Thanks All!


they had this exact thing in an old dirt rider mag. i had you could probably pick up a used 250 pinger for 15 to 1800$ in good shape and get a trials tire and some gnards and have a second bike thats perfect for gnarly trails for under 2500$ have fun.:thumbsup:

that was my original thought, they just seem hard to find down here and the people I talk to locally say a 4 stroke is just as light. But I agree, the 250 two stroke sounds like a good platform.

ive heard 450's are THE worst offroad bike you can get and they're way more expensive.and i dont even think a 250f weighs less than a 250 2t,2t's are just light.look in cycle trader and craigslist they must have some good 250's.:thumbsup:

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