Alpinestar Vector vs some others

I am in need of new boots for off road use. I need a boot that offers decent impact protection, that I can move my foot up and down to work the brake lever, but still does not allow my ankle to roll. The vectors are on a good sale. Do they have decent ankle support? The main thing that is holding me back is that I heard they leak like a fish net. Is this true?

I am also considering the ARC MX240V. Anyone like these and do they leak bad?

I heard some prase for the quadrant. They are a cheap boot and the Thor T30 (or something like that) that I had before were kind of stiff yet not real protective. Are the quadrants a lot better?

I tried on some Sidi Raptors and liked them a lot. I can not find any Sidi deals and I don't think they are worth the $200 my local dealer wants for them. My instep is too high for sidi crossfires. I tried the Discovery and could easily roll my ankle in them so they are out.

The tech 3 is always another option. Most people seem to like them.

I can not try on a pair of vectors so I am not sure what size to get. I wear an 11 in street shoes.

I tried on tech 3's in size 11 and they felt good. My local dealer had some tech 7's in size 10 and I found they actually fit. They seemed a bit tight to get fleece socks and seal skins into but I assume they will pack in a little. Anyway, would the Vectors be sized about the same?

Go with the Moose, Thor or Alpinestars Tech 3. The Vector is discontinued.


i mail ordered vectors on sale to. i tried on tech 3, 8 and 10s in a store. i felt they fit my foot the same. i am size 13 though.

no idea if they are waterproof since i am in socal. for me they were a compromise of less protection, more comfort. i feel they offer enough protection for trail riding. they are supportive of the ankle.

"The main thing that is holding me back is that I heard they leak like a fish net. Is this true?"

Heh. That's a pretty good description actually. If I ride through a puddle wearing my vectors, I can feel the water in seconds.

I have the Vectors, I like them but they don't keep your feet dry, any snow or not gettng your front wheel up over a puddle and you will get a little wet! I just replaced them with Gaerne SG10's and I like them a lot more, way more comfy than the Vectors, also tried on the SIDI Crossfires and they fit like a glove and so lite very nice indeed!! I just didn't want to pony up the $425bucks for the Crossfires though I thought about for a while I also tried on the

Quadrants, my size is a 13 but I needed a 14 in the Quadrants, I'm not 6' so in the Quadrants, it looked like I was in my dads boots

I Had The Vectors And There Is No Way In Hell You Can Roll Your Ankle In Those.

What about the fox f3s how are they for wetness and riding comfortability

you can find vectors on sale at a lot of shops and online. it is not a 400 dollar boot but the price is pretty reasonable, IMHO. i would travel a bit and try on as many as you can before buying. lots of choices out there. :thumbsup::eek:

I got the vecotors from RM yesterday. They were 159 minus a 20 coupon.

I got the 11's and they are a bit loose but I wanted to make sure I could get seal skins in them since they do not sound real water tight. They look like a nice boot. thanks

I tried out the Vectors yesterday. First of all they were surprisingly water tight. I did go over all the seams with a heavy coat of Nixwax when they were new so maybe that helped. I crossed many streams, walked around in 18” of snow, and even had my feet in a water filled rut while picking my bike up. My feet were totally dry afterwards.

Even though I wear 11’s in street shoes the 11 Vectors are kind of loose so I would have gone with 10’s if I knew they would not leak. I wanted to make sure I had room for warm socks and seal skins though.

They are comfortable but they are not quite as good as my Beriks were. I like a boot that will not allow my ankle to roll but still let my foot move up and down unrestricted. This is so I can comfortably brake both sitting and standing. With the Vectors they just stop my foot lifting up at a certain point. I need to move my brake lever down in order to keep my foot over it while sitting. Unfortunately while standing it feels like I need to move the lever up. The Vectors are very flat on the bottom so there is not much of an arch to them in the middle. This makes the brake lever feel lower. These boots do allow me to push down unrestricted though so I can move the brake lower. I just don’t like pointing my toe that far down in tight woods. I’m sure I will get used to it any maybe they will flex a little better over time. There is also not a lot of tread on the bottom so I had to be more careful when walking around in the mud.

The soles feel a lot more flexible then most MX boots. You can feel the pegs though them. I can also feel the shifter through the toes when up shifting. They look and feel like they have enough impact protection though. The inner side of the boot is flat and fits up nice and snug to the frame rails which I like, especially compared to the hinged boots.

Overall they seem like a really good boot, especially for $139.

I wouldnt buy them. I got a pair from rocky mountain and toe the inside of the sole 10 minutes into the first ride. The rubber is really soft, A*'s offered to replace the soles for free but I am highly unmotivated to send them in so I got a pair of ARC 240v's which I like very much so far.

Related question about boot impact resistance - I broke my foot on Wednesday when my foot got caught between the peg and a rock (it hit the top of my foot near the front). I have the Tech 3's. Are there other boots that offer greater protection across the top outside of the boot?


I looked at lots of boots and none of them offer much for impact protection. I wish some did. Most boots seem to be made for MX, super stiff soles for caseing a big tripple but nothing on top. All you can do is try to avoid it. I always ride with my toes on the pegs in the tight stuff even though it would be easier to have my toes over the brake and shifter.

the one exception might be the scott genius. It felt stiff on top, and everywhere else.

I too, bought a pair of Vectors from rm. They feel like a cheap moon boot I'd buy to walk around in the snow. They look great. :prof:

If you want some boots to stand around in, they're not half bad, but I cannot recommend them for riding. They are very soft and pliable. Also, (like others that have posted) I wear an 11, and the size 11's are big. Maybe they are all just double z width. My wife is going to kill me when I buy another pair of boots, but this thread (and a few others) have given me good ideas for my next pair. Thanks y'all.

I almost got the vectors, but found Tech 6's for the same price on closeout. I'm very happy with the Tech 6 - it's a very supportive boot.

I ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs and only move to the shifter or brake when needed. I often don't need much rear brake at all because my 426 has plenty of engine braking.

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