2001 ktm 200 mxc engine removal ?'s

I am stripping my 01 ktm 200 mxc to the frame so I could have it powder coated and have some questions.

1. How do you drain the rads?

2. Once the rads are drained, will any radiator fluid still be in the engine?

3. Is the engine removal as simple as disconecting some wires and unbolting the motor mounts?

4. Do you guys have any tips to make the engine removal process easier?

This is the first time that I have done an engine removal before but I work on my bike all the time. Thanks for any help.

There is a bolt on the water pump that is a drain. It is the largest one on that cover. Remove that and open the rad cap and it'll drain out (both out of the rads and the motor).

It is pretty easy to remove. Document and unplug the wires that go to the motor, then remove the upper motor mount bolts and bracket, then remove the carb. Then either disconnect the clutch line or remove the entire slave cylinder (8mm) (that's what I do and then just wrap it in a plastic sandwich bag to keep it all clean). Next remove the swingarm (19mm). Finally, remove the two lower motor mount bolts (13mm) and lift the motor out.

leave the kickstarter on and use it as a handle. May be easier/necessary to remove the rad hoses and rads, cant remember.

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