DRZ 400S or 400E

Should I buy a 400S or 400E? If I bought the E model I would have to make it street legal. I have a KTM 250XC to ride in the dirt, so I will mainly be riding the DRZ on the street or on fire roads with my kids. I don't see any real advantage to the E model other than the higher compression. Any info would be great.



I will mainly be riding the DRZ on the street or on fire roads with my kids.

sounds like the S would be better for you.

There is a big difference if you are talking about the carb, cam, cr on the more recent e vs s. If you go older then the suspension is superior on the e vs the 01 and earlier s.

If you can get a tag for the e and it is the one with the fcr then I buy it over the cv carbed s.

thanks for the info. It will be an 07 or 08 model

I just looked at Suzuki's web site and both the s and the e show the same carb. BSR 36 I think is what it says. On the 06 E model it showed both the FCR and the BSR for california only. Maybe they only offer the BSR now.

07 and later E models have the bsr36, and the S model engine stuff. all previous E models (06 and earlier) came with the fcr, larger cams, higher compression, and slighly different exhaust IIRC. if your buuying new i would get the S moedl. if your buying used i would get a pre-07 E model and legalize it. if you dont care about the little extra weight and less power of the S model but dont want to mess with legalizing a bike then get the S

The E still should be lighter than the S.....your in Utah so you should be able to plate easily......yes?

The E is discontinued in the US for 2008 and had the BSR 36 in 2007.

Thanks for the advice guys. I will let you know how I like the s model as soon as all of our snow melts.

You can still find some Suzuki dealers with 2006 Es on the lot of you look around. That is if you decide you want a pre-2007 E instead of an S.

Pre 07 E kicks the S 's butt. You can get all the S switchgear and lights cheaper and easier than doing all the engine work.

IF you are going to ride the superslab, you wil want to go 15/47 or 1/44 on the sprockets and get dot legal tires.

If you can find a new or cherry '06 e, that would be a great find & a good bike for your situation. It comes with more zing in the motor, is easy to plate in ut, & will be easier to mod up if you get to it. But even if you don't upgrade it, it already has the hotter cams, better carb, & is a little lighter. The newer e's are just californicated s's... still a good bike, but if you can have a better one for less, why not?

You'll like the DRZ a lot better after you make the few simple mods that are needed to make it run a lot better.

I decided to sell my KTM 250XC and just have one bike a new 07 450 exc. I have only about 2 miles on my new bike but I think I will be more happy with the KTM for my only bike.



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