Where Should I mount A/F sensor on SM

I Just recieved my Jet 4 power narrow band A/F sensor that I have heard good things about. The only problem is that I cant decide on where to mount the sensor on the exaust pipe, was thinking of on the mid pipe because it's larger diameter but not sure if that is too far back or not. The probe is quite large and I think it would block off a lot of the small stock head pipe.

closer to the head the better, but wherever fits best will work.

a narrow band sensor tells you nothing as far as tuning goes.

You need a wideband :thumbsup:

Sensors are typically mounted between 12" and 18" from the head and no more than 20 degrees off of vertical.

that narrow band is useless.doesnt matter where you put the sensor.

Get a wideband, and use a Titainium plug to plug the hole :thumbsup:

that narrow band is useless.doesnt matter where you put the sensor.

I heard from more than one source that these ones work good and good for the price that you pay 160$. I think that I will soon find out, it should work good enough for me. I got my jetting set good already just want to double check. I also am a sucker for gadjets.

Thanks for all the replys.


There's only 1 source that counts on Thumpertalk......Eddie.

How can you doubt a guy with his experience.

it only has resolution at 14.7 to 1.

motorcycles do not operate at that a/f range.

the people that told you it works have no idea what they are talking about.

just search the net on wide band vs narrow band.

you are wasting your time and money.

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