how are the NO FEAR MX boots

Has anyone tried the new NO FEAR motocross boots aka- the ones K.W is wearing now. I wanted a cheap pair of boots. are they worth getting:ride:

i personaly, waNtED THEM SOOO BAD, but there the only boots that no fear makes, so they cant be that good. plus i think its no fears first boot ever? not a good idea imo. thats why for a low price boot i would get tech 3's. or i went cheaper and got SHIFT combat. only 100$

i know they look all nice, but think first

Im not sure how the No fear boots are but dont listen to asick 9291, ive owned tech 3's and combats and both were junk and broke within half a year. If you dont ride hard there great but if you ride hard dont waist your money and buy some good boots.

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