REAR shock

Well, here goes guys,

Ive been searchin alot and understanding more and more about the effects of the kouba link on my suspension. Ive takin the shock apart,Ive changed the shim stack on the rebound and compression. But the more i read ,internally lowering my seat height seems to be where im gonna end up, My question s are if you are putting a spacer on the rebound side is it replacin the base plate altogether? Is it something that can be bought? or is it something that has to be machined? This is all a learning experience for me and the more im understanding the more im able to feel and know whats happening with the bike as im riding.Any help would be much appreciated.:thumbsup:


you can buy internal spacers to lower the shock, they are made by ohlins as they use them to alter the length of the shocks for different bikes, 3mm spacer lowers the bike by 9mm.

THANKS MOG ! I will search ohlins. also sells these little plastic "doodads" made for this also. As long as you don`t have a "top out" spring in your shock which will require a metal spacer. Delrin plastic works well also if you have a lathe to create the spacer.

THANKS MRW I actually found em on race tech,s site also.

I appreciate your help guys!

THANKS MRW I actually found em on race tech,s site also.

I appreciate your help guys!


You can easily make one from plastic or aluminum like others said but just make sure that you allow the spacer to let oil bleed unrestricted from the 2 holes below the base plate.


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