its official leak jet mod yz250f 03

Its official leak jet mod for the yz250f 03- LJ#40 MJ#172 fixed my stall/bog!

no stall no bog at low rpms. Whole new bike thanks to everyone who posted this info..

ahhh could you explaine a litttle please


Isn't it amazing? I was almost ready to get rid of my bike until William1 and BazookaJoe helped out. William has worked a ton of majic on his new WR but timing hasn't worked out to do some "testing" yet. Soon though.......

tweaker- When I used start my bike yz250f 03 or any time it was at low RPM as soon as I would take the choke off it would stall or bog like it was gonna die and then it would die. As soon as I put it in gear and gave it gas a normal amount quarter throttle the bike would just die. So to counter this the only way I could take off was like a ****ing madman say half throttle. Also in the trail whenever I was at low RPMs I would have to clutch it and rev it like a 2 stroke so it wouldnt die on me. Now I dont know about you but thats alot of extra work when im riding . So to make a long story short I did some research about a leak jet mod. I then took off my carb took it apart cleaned it took out the stock leak jet#100 which is the cause of the problem replaced it with a #40 leak jet also threw a #172 main jet. Took it out for a test ride yesterday unbelievable totally different bike NO BOG!!NO STALL! don't have to baby the clutch everywhere don't have to rev the shit out of it so it doesn't stall. I am so relieved..big thanks to William1 for helping me and anyone else who posted about this mod!

Rideon2:it is amazing! I'm so happy cause other than that issue the bike is a monster.Now I got that fixed I'm all set! :thumbsup::eek:

Not sure of how and where you ride, but my son and I do alot of trail riding and William1 rides with us whenever possible. We he (W1) put in a 10oz flywheel and we regeraed it to 12/48. It's so much more fun and manageable in the woods now.

I spend most of my time on the DRZ cause at 15 my son won't let me ride my YZ when we are out together.


Yeah I'm in the northeast RI.mostly trails ill keep that in mind about the flywheel

oh my god!

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