need more power

06 450x i would like to get more power what can i do

Start with basic airbox, jetting, and exhaust mods. After that the sky is the limit.

start with the search feature....there is actually the same thread, same title on this page as of 3-7-08

good luck and have fun with your new toy:thumbsup:

06 450x i would like to get more power what can i do

First off, welcome to TT.

As mentioned an afternoon of mods and jetting will help tremendously on the X. I also suggest a quality aftermarket exhaust. Modifying the stock exhaust helps but in my opinion doesn't compare to the crisp linear power and throttle response an aftermarket unit gives you, it really completes the system....

Check the sticky's at the top of the page and use the search engine a little, there is so much info around here it will keep you busy for a while!

Define "more".

Define "more".

Maybe more where?

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