Carbon heat shield?

Anyone know of a nice fit and finish carbon heat shield for the header? I keep burning it with my pants and making it look like :thumbsup:

Check out E-Line products they make all kinds of carbon fiber heat shields. I put a E-Line heat shield on my 08 250 XCF W.

I bought the Moose/E-Line CF guard for my 400. Had a couple of rides with it on now & you can see the abuse the guard has taken.....Pics of the guard just after installation.

Chistmas 2007 004.jpg

Perfect, thanks guys! :thumbsup:

I have the E-line carbons on a few areas of my bike and I will tell you that they can handle!! I've bounced them off rocks and tryed to burn them up but they still clean up and shine. The one that is on my pipe keeps me from buning myself almost every ride. buz :thumbsup:

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