help me adjust my valves!

hey guys so i am just about done installing my new tb 88 kit with race head but have a question about adjusting my valves. so i have been following the instructions from on installing the 88 kit. when i got to the part about the valves i did what it said: set it to TDC then set the valves to .05mm and then tightened the nut. it said to check it by rotate the flywheel counterclockwise twice and there should be no gap. but there was a gap of .05mm when i did that. when i rotate the flywheel around once there is no gap. any ideas ? did i do it right? why would there be no gap after rotating it twice? thanks for all the help!

dont second guess yourself. one turn no gap, two turns....whatever gap you set.

great thanks :thumbsup:

You did it right. Don't worry.

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