Backfire screen - i don't want more power

Most talk on TT has centred around whether removing the back fire screen does or doesnt give more power. I dont care much for that. I am however a little concerned the backfire screen in my 08 TE 450 may dislodge whilst changing a filter or introduce an unfiltered leak where it has the cutaway to fit onto the cage. I do use filter grease in this area.

I run twin air filter p/no 157004 which i don't think has the backfire resistant foam. does anyone run this filter without the screen problem free? does anyone run without the screen with another filter? Has anyone had problems after they have removed the screen?

Ps - i am not interested in more HP. :thumbsup:

I removed the screen for the same reason your thinking, it was always a issue getting the filter to set right with the screen in. Have not had a issue, yet, the bike never backfires (famous last words). If your bike ever coughs I would not do it.

Leave it in, if it does dack fire thru carb it sprays fuel back onto filter can and has burned holes in the filter. Seen it happen several times over the years. After a long dusty ride you pull the filter to clean it and get a sick feeling looking into intake boot and carb with all the dirt. Its there for a reason. It will also stop some dirt getting into motor if have a weak filtering filter. I know several will say to take it out never need it, more Hp, bla bla bla. Ok they are the lucky ones. If you feel lucky buy a lotto ticket don't roll the dice with your bike. Later George

The backfire screen is in there for a good reason. With that said, I did remove mine. I have 1500 trouble free miles without it on my smr510. I removed it because it was a pain to take out and put back in when I had to clean oil out of the airbox boot.


If you are a pro motard racer, take it out. You need every last hp.

Everyone else should leave it in. The hp loss is minimal, and the possibility of a filter catching fire is real. Its rare, but i too have seen it happen.

I took the one out on my 04 TE450 and rode another several thousand miles without issue. I took it out because I was afraid it would keep the air filter from sealing right. Defiantly a try at your own risk deal. BTW I use the spray on

PJ1 filer oil and cleaner. My TC300 never had one :thumbsup:

I wonder how FI would affect the chance backfire flame? I would guess that FI reduces the chance. A carburetor has a large supply fuel that can be blow back, while the fuel injector only sprays a single charge at a time.

my bike does pop from time to time. dunno if you'd call it a backfire. might have to pay more attention. i am thinkin i better keep it in forthe time being. really appreciate the words of advice. keep it comin....

Hey Boreit - "LEAVE IT IN THERE"

I nearly lost my KTM620 a couple of years ago, the float cracked, took in some fuel & flooded the motor, one kick - a loud POP, and a very hot backside :thumbsup: . If it wasn`t for the quick release seat (like the Husky) i probably would have lost the bike. As it was, i got stuck in the scrub for a couple of hours, melted the filter & inlet to the carb. It`s no fun trying to pull the sub-frame off & making an inlet out of duct tape & fencing wire & a filter out of your riding jersey- i had no option really, it was in bulldust - i was on my own & about 3 hours from town!!!!! one ride & it probably would have dusted the motor. All because the guy i bought the bike from, left the flame arrestor out.

My fault for riding before the new one arrived.


I took the one out on my 04 TE450 and rode another several thousand miles without issue. I took it out because I was afraid it would keep the air filter from sealing right. Defiantly a try at your own risk deal. BTW I use the spray on

PJ1 filer oil and cleaner. My TC300 never had one :thumbsup:

I left mine out for the same reason! you guys got me scared, I'm puttin' mine back in.:eek:

I was (am) 50/50 on this issue, since I started trail riding over 30yrs ago I have never had or personally seen a backfire caused fire on a bike.......however that doesn't mean it can't happen. I have seen and had it happen on an old car.

On a DR350 I had, taking the screen out gave a noticeable power gain under hard acceleration and at top end. The screen was completely away from the filter, and finer mesh than one on my Husky and two layer.

Ran it w/o for last ten 10 of the 12 years I had the issues

I have also removed the screen from my TE510. Hadn't really intended to, but after a couple filter cleaning and seeing it's tweaked/twisted poor fit and potential poor filter seal it had from day one, I pulled it.

Can't honestly say I noticed a power difference, but then plus going from 30hp to over 50hp, and not racing, I don't push or have to push the 510 near as hard as I did the old 350.

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