Breaking in new boots

I got a pair of Alpine Stars Tech 3's and wanted to know the best way to break them in. I would walk around in them for a little bit but they arent loosening up as much as I thought they would.

i saw that but I wouldnt put my boots in the oven.

I think using some of those methods is just shortening the life of the boot. I would just keep walking around in them and go riding in them. Also hinged ankle boots break in super fast so think about those next time around...

I'm lazy. On a practice day I just toss 'em on with a thick pair of socks, jog a bit around the pits to get the major kinks worked out, and then go riding. Just don't go launching off that triple you have to snick into third right before you take off... obviously you'll miss some shifts. :eek: Of course from time to time I'll get a blister, but not often.

If I was more adventurous... er... uh... smarter I'd definitely give chickenhaulers's method a try up there, though. That man says it'll work, it'll work.:thumbsup:

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