Looks fun, where is it? I'm in Auburn off of Hwy 80 and always looking for fun new places to ride. Below the snow sounds good since Foresthill and Georgetown are layered with white stuff.

Where do those power lines go? Where's the end?

yup, nevermind.

so do we know if it's legal to ride there?

once again, sorry for pissin' everyone off...

We start out at Green Horn Creek "Red Dog Road" & head out that way to make a nice ride :thumbsup: .

The Red dirt looks rather familiar! :thumbsup:

that place doesnt look like that now or it wasnt a few months ago when i was up there. Some snow not bad. I couldnt find much to ride just a hillclimb i couldnt get up while on the bike. Might try the area again soon.

is there an official name

so do we know if it's legal to ride there?

One sure way to make it illegal is to post about it and publicize it on the internet.

I can guarantee, that the land under those powerlines isn't public or on any inventory of approved routes.

Just cause a sheriff syas he doesn't care, doesn't make it legal.

If it isn't an ohv park, or a designated OHV area, don't be foolish enough to post pictures on the internet. Many good places like that get posted on the net, use goes up and problems start. An area that was used and no one cared about, will all of a sudden be shut down. I know you want to show it off, we all do, but sometimes it is best to keep things to yourself.

Yeah that is all private property. You have to shimmy around and under a couple gates to get there from the south side. I used to ride up there with some locals until a couple of hicks walked out onto the trail with shotguns and told us to turn around. Another time before that, I was riding the gravel "stage" area the sheriff rolled up and warned me about the tweakers that frequent the area. There is nothing special about the area other than the convenience of it.

Its sort of like riding the train tracks...yeah you can do it, but the whole "looking over your shoulder" factor is a buzz kill for me.

once again, sorry for pissin' everyone off...

No pissing off I think. Sounds like you didn't know and that's cool. Folks who have been around the moto-internet for a while have seen more than one really cool secret semi-legal (or non-legal but officially tolerated) spot disappear because it got publicized and popular. Or because the eco-kooks that also browse these forums found out about it.

I don't live and ride out there anymore, but I'm sure that folks that do will appreciate your discretion. :thumbsup:

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