Hayden Justice and Dad Seriously Injured! Please Help!

I never do this, but this just hits home for me for some reason. Please see what you can do for the donations.

From TWMX.

Fox Amateur sensation Hayden Justice, his dad Jay and Grandpa Wendell were in Texas practicing for an upcoming National event when Hayden crashed pretty hard. Jay went to his aid and saw a "big" bike that didn't see the flagger which was going to land on Hayden. Jay jumped in front of the bike to take the blunt of impact off of Hayden. Word is Jay saved Hayden's life! The details of course are sketchy and are all from several sources.

Hayden is at Dallas Children's Hospital. His face is pretty banged up with scrapes, bruises, swelling and fractures. His eye socket and sinus' are also damaged. He is currently in ICU, but they're thinking he may be placed in a regular room sometime soon. Doctors are thinking everything should heal on its own and that he will not need any surgery.

As for Jay…He was in surgery for quite some time for head trauma. Doctors had to remove a portion of bone from his skull to release some of the brain swelling. As of now he has no movement in his right side. He also has a broken C6 vertebra, but they have not addressed that yet due to the head trauma. The next 72 hours are very critical for him.

On a side note, Jay does not have any medical insurance. The costs of hospitals, medicine, transportation, etc is a huge strain on the family, and a website has been developed to accept donations from people that are willing to help out the Justice family.

Donations can be made through elizabethsnow@hotmail.com or by going to www.paypal.com, click on the send money tab and send the donations to the e-mail address. All donations will be given directly to the family.

I am sorry to hear about this incident. I hope they both make a speedy recovery. There is a website that helps families in this exact situation. Let me search and I will post up.

Definitely hook them up with RiderDown. Like HR19 said, they developed their services just for this situation. Best of luck to the family.

Heres prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery for both!

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