Wiring noob needs advice

I enjoy working on my XR650R but don't get the electrical stuff. So I'm looking at my rear brake light wires - because I'm going to connect a Baja Designs front brake switch - Brown and white wires go in to their connectors but a third green/white wire with connector is not plugged into anything. Is this a ground? I don't see where it goes. Anyway, how can I really get this electrical stuff down? The shop manual doesn't have much detail other than a general schematic. Do I have to get an electrical engineering degree to be able to wire one of these bikes? Sheeesh!

Dunno..On the older 600's etc a Green/Yellow would be for the foot brake switch.Probably what the G/White in your situation is for.I don't have a diagram for the 650 so can't be certain.It should be linked with another G/Y or in your case G/W which comes down from the front hand brake activation switch.

I don't know if this is right, but I remember reading somewhere that the 650R's have the capacity for a dual-filament bulb, meaning that you can wire a brake light to them.

Now, there is three wires, right? Usually one wire will be your ground, another will be one that is constantly 'on', and the third should be your braking signal that should go to your brake switch. This will make your bulb go really bright when you hit the brake pedal.

At least I think thats how it works...

The third Green\white wire..what part of the bike is it close too.

I have a baja designs kit on mine,it was a real POS to get the wiring sorted out.

I will have my tank off later today so will be able to see all the wires if you need more info.

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