Test Rides

One of the local dealers had a ride day at the local area today,I just had to try the 08s,they had a course setup about 10ks of rutted wooped single track with hard loops and easy,first was the 450,had some trouble starting it,I was

twisting the throttle and it would flame out,zero throttle is the go.Nice ergos,lower flat seat,I could flat foot it with both feet easy,I am 5 10,now I hate to disapoint but I did not like it at all,vage stearing no mater where I weighted it,lots of snap and I struggled like a newby,could hardly get it out of 1st gear in the tight stuff,very disapointed.Lots of power but not for me,

With the low end snap and stiff forks, all i can say is it just goes to show how a good setup can make or brake your impresion,maybe it was just out of the box.I ride a 250 and that was next,just getting on it was differant,much more complainant I went,intersting,zero snap down low,felt a bit gutless compared to the 450,this thing needs a quicker turn throatal,into the single track and where I was struggling with the 450 this was a RAZER,stearing was pin point with THE MOST FORGIVING FRONT END,

miss a rut,does not mater it still stuck,no wheel spin at all,just drive,ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC, better than my fully setup and lowered 05 TE 250,I will have to give the lack of power just off idle some thought,its so smooth and gental that its very helpful traction wise,the trail as very wet and muddy,once you get the revs up it flys,at this point on the 450 I was tentative the 250 I was HAMMERING,its measurably better than my bike in all areas out of the box,I knew I should have not come,I WANT ONE.

BTW I prefer 250s anyway so dont go thinking the 450 is a dog,I just could not get on with it,if the suspension was set similar to the 250 then I could get to appreciate the punch it had.Both bikes had the powerup kits fitted.

Is this the TE, TXC or TC? I'm guessing TE. I am 5'9" and I'm tippy-toe on my '08 TE 450. I find it hard to believe that you were flat footed at 5'10" unless you have long legs and a 34" inseam. Also, I wonder why the stearing would feel so "vague" on the 450 and "razer" on the 250. The weight between the 2 bikes aren't a huge difference and the ergos are almost the same...especially frame/seat/rake...etc. etc. On the other hand, if the power increase from the 250 to 450 is as great as you say, it would definitely make the 450 feel harder to handle...interesting.


Its just amazing the difference between a dialed in bike and one that isnt set up yet for a rider can make. day and night.

that 250 sounds like a blast. Must have been the TE--you mentioned the power up kit.

Yes TE both,I think the 450 had to be just out of the crate,they had a couple of them and I am sorry I did not ride the ohers,it was that bad I was worried I would have trouble getting it back to camp,completely differant to the 250,it had to be setup,same suspendion and frame,who knows what sag was dialed in,all I can say is both allowes flat footing with both feet.

The geometry and forks are different on the TXC's. I rode a TXC510 and "razor" is how I would describe how it handled. Simply fantastic.

I felt the same on my TE510 when I first jumped on it , Flat footed. The hype about the lowered seat height seemed justifiable. After I set the sag, 4 full turns of the spring, I as not so flat footed but not as high as my 06 450, I think that they are low from he factory. Amazing the difference between the two heights, (pre set & post set), once the rear was set for my weight it was f*#%ing awesome (sorry guys but I have to say it). I think the front to rear balance is quite sensitive & you will need to fine tune the suspension to your riding ability & weight, now Rhonda turns sharper & tracks & steers better than any other bike I have ridden PERIOD. These baby's are the ants pants!! Maybe the 450 you rode wasn't sag set for your weight? or was it? ADB is normally on the money in the shootouts & when they put it 2nd to the KTM by 0.1 & raved about the way these thing turn, I was quite surprised. IMHO they are better than the 08 KTM 450's I have ridden straight out of the box. You need to spend money, lots of it, on the Katos to get them to perform as good as the Husky suspension straight OOTB.

Damo. :thumbsup:

i came from my Honda 2005 CRF250x with a lot of money spent on suspension. I can honestly say that I liked the TE450 08 suspension straight out of the box much better. It just works for me so far. I've done 400kms and waiting for the suspension to settle down before touching anything (sag, clickers, etc) - so far I am very very happy. Doesn't seem to turn as easily in the slow technical stuff as the honda, but I think I'll get used to it. This is my first bike bigger than a 250. well except for the old XR600 over 10 years ago :thumbsup:

I just got back from riding the AMAZING TXC 450. GetBentUp let me rip his new scoot around today and I wanted to get this report in while it's fresh. Come to think of it I will probably be going through the ride in my head all night sitting here with my cold frothy beverage. Sand track amazing! jump faces amazing! Single track root and rock infested trails amazing! We dialed the suspension in, Jd Jet kitted her, and Motosportz guarded her. Once the new steering dampener is on she will be a 10! right now she is a 9.999. E-starting the bike was just a tap of the red button, and in 1/2 revolution she's running. Kick starting was also eeeasy.

The bike loved to run inside big loam berms and shoot out, or ride high in the berm and rail through. The new more rounded seat design also let me become more one with the bike, making it sooooo much easier to scoot fore and aft on the seat with no effort. I saw a couple different riders on the bike and it made faster and smoother lap times for all. :thumbsup:


Jeff Tasky


these 08s are a whole new show,no?? Fantastic, I am glad I stayed on the bandwagon!! Good reports from all, Rob

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