drz400 or klx450r?

I'm in the market for or at least looking at new bikes. I currently have a 03 klr650, 87 cr500, and a xl1200c. All my bikes have been modified with pipes, jet kits, big bores, and the hog even has a little giggle gas. The klr is fun and goes anywere but does nothing great. My cr is built for the dunes and I would like to keep it that way (100hp 2 smoke on the trail is an accedent waiting to happen). And the old sporty well lets just say it's really fast in a straight line (like 10.00 in the 1/4 fast). I have ridden my friends drz400 with a yosh pipe and a slide carb and it's really fun on the single track stuff but seams top lack in the suspension department a little. I relize that it has not been tuned nessarly for my weight and ridding styles for it's pretty much the stock set up. But I was at the Kawi dealer yesterday and sat on the new klx450r and man it felt good. Granted it had no miles and suspension sag had not set in yet but compared to the drz I sat on a few days prior it sure seamed to have more to it. Does anyone have any experience with the klx vs the drz? I plan to ride a few miles to the dirt then ride a good bit of single track and some fire road type stuff then home. If I want to ride longer distances on the road well I got the klr. This bike will be used primarly off road but I still want to ride it to the trails. Cant stand a trailer queen. Any in put on this situation would be great. Oh yea here in AZ all I need is a mirror and horn to make the klx legal. Thanks in advance.

well here's a link to a pic of the comparo between 7 of the 2008 450 enduro bikes (which is the class the KLX450R is in( by Australasian dirtbike mag, an aussie mag i buy, doesn't have the gas gas 450, CRF450R or beta RR450 because they weren't available for testing at the time, but it's still a fair few bike to look at there.

(click to enlarge the pic so you can read what each of the testers had to say about the bikes, it's a gib picture which is why i linked instead of posting it, best way to view is to save th epic to your computer, even enlarging the pic doesn't get it to full size


(edit) stuffed the link up, fixed it)

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