best Exaust: Power vs. price

im thinkin' of getting a exaust system for my 2003 yz250f and i was looking around but the exausts are pretty pricey but i want more power, any suggestions on the best type for the most reasonable price?


For your year bike go to ebay, you should be able to get a good exhaust new for a great price. My friend has an 03 and has a FMF and gives great power.

I have an o5 yz250f with a Yoshimura full titanium exhaust system. I have heard it is a great exhaust for MX. it is also 2 pound lighter. i got a sick deal on ebay, $285, for the entire thing, BRAND NEW IN BOX!!!

that is a great deal.. im gonna check ebay, thanks!

yeah check ebay, i got a great deal on a new carbon pro. $400 when its 800 new

some of that stuff was probably stolen LOL

some of that stuff was probably stolen LOL

yea your prolly right, they can make mad money running a chop shop. but i didnt steal it and i get a deal out of it. but its still F&%ked up that people do that.

yeah, it wasn't stolen, "IT FELL OFF A TRUCK" haha

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