Question on Rekluse Centre Clutch Basket .. Have they Changed??

Hey all:

I bought a Rekluse z-start pro back in late 2007 for my soon to arrive 2008 CRF450R. So I have been sitting on it a few months now.

Anyway, can anybody let me know if this is the SAME centre clutch they have received with their Rekluse Z-Start pros??:thumbsup:

I hear that Rekluse did some modifications to the center clutch on some models due to excessive squealing. They drilled holes through the unit. This unit does not appear to have any modifications done.

Can anybody tell me if in fact a better upgrade has been made to the centre clutch or not??? Does yours look the same as the one in this picture???



Looks like you have the latest rev of this part. I'm pretty sure any changes were made to the inner hubs were to other mfg'rs (Yamahas, KTMs, etc.) to improve oil flow. Email and ask for sure, though.

Yeah I did email them .... but they are not very good at answering emails in a timely fashion (BUT they are great over the phone though ... maybe I'll call them Monday).

Based on my searching, its seem like (as you say above :thumbsup: ) that the mods were only made to certain models of bikes. A few KTM models is all I have uncovered so far.

Hoping this issue was not relevent to Honda's :eek:

I've been involved with much of the testing at Rekluse so I can tell you that the Honda's clutch design is at the top of the heap when it comes to: feel, durability, lubrication, and performance. Their friction pad material is the best as well......

Thanks for all the info. Always good to know :thumbsup:

The only reason I questioned it is because a fellow rider sent me a picture of his center clutch basket for a KTM. This basket had undergone revisions in design due to poor oil flow. He has the updated version of the basket, which is good.

So that got me thinking that perhaps mine might have undergone design revisions as well, since I bought it just after they were released. That is what I was trying to research.

Maybe its was just needed for a few models ... kind of what I am hoping for :eek:

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