ttr125L 49T rear sprocket chain size

So I went and changed my rear sprocket to a 49 tooth and of course found the chain is now too slack. For those who have done this, what did you do, get a new chain or take out links? If the latter, how is this actually done? Obviously I haven't done it before.

thanks for any advice.

hey all u have to do is take out a links but sense you havent done it before ill tell u how ok first go to your shop and buy a chainbreaker there like 15bucks.ok after you have done that take the chain off by taking the masterlink off .i usually take it off with a pair of needle nose. now after you have taken the chain off . now u want to take your chain breaker and break a link loose but remeber this one link is one small link and one big one ok i hope you understand that now take a link by link till you get the right length. then after you get it right just put the chain back on and tighten the chain. and then go ride it.have fun.if you have any question just pm me ok

Or just grind off the tips of the link and knock it out with a hammer and a punch.

Or just grind off the tips of the link and knock it out with a hammer and a punch.

That's what I do... I use a dremel with a cut off or grinding wheel. Just don't take too many links out.:thumbsup:


lol well i do that to but i just thought hell just do it the right way lol

Thanks, guys.

With your help I was able to shorten the chain and now I've got the sprocket on with the bike back together. I like the difference it made.

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