SLAP tear

Hi Dr. Mark. I have been diagnosed with a SLAP tear in my right shoulder. I have been told the only "cure" would be one of two surgical procedures. One would be to cut one of the bicep tendons and leave it off and the other would be to tack it down but I'd be in a sling for six weeks. Since I support my family by housepainting, that would be out of the question. Any other options that you may know of? Thanks!

A recent study showed that the long term results of slap repairs vs. non surgical treatment wih just PT were about the same. I try NOT to operate on these as the surgical results may not be worth the effort.

If you did not progress well in rehab, then, simply cutting the biceps tendon, and letting it slide will lead to good pain relief and good function, although a Popeye looking muscle in the arm will be present. That should get you back to work in a week to 10 days time.

Wow, thanks for the fast and informative reply!

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