Correct Rotella for 06 Crf250r?

I was told to use the 15w-40. Is this the correct one to be running?

yes it is

are there different kinds of 15w-40? Like synthetic or something? The only thing on the bottle will be Shell Rotella T. 15w-40?

I think there is a synthetic version, but I know regular or triple protection versions will work fine.

i depends on temp too.

Just glup glup glup glup gluped 690ccs in mine about an hour ago.

I hoe so, I've been using it on both side for 3 years. :thumbsup:

What is the best rotella to use?

I use the 15w40 white bottle. I've used the 5w40 sythetic version in the past with good results too. Either one is fine.

White bottle for me.

Shell Rotella-T 15-40w FTW

I use the 15w-40

Just make sure whatever you get it doesn't contain "moly"

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