my bike will finally be done

After replacing the valves, new cylinder, ported head, hotcams, je hc piston, and a jet kit my bike will finally be back together later tonight! i cant wait to see the difference from stock it will be!!:thumbsup:

sounds like uve done the lot? wat year is it?

Congrats and good luck!

LUCKY BASTARD, you have to run racegas. I wish i was forced to use something with more power, I would but my cheap ass would go for the cheapest gas.

have fun tearing it up. go young one, teach the world that yamaha rains supreme, and honda eats your dirt.

i have to run a 110/100 18 instead of a 100/100 18 just so my tire doesn't spin out. i actually ran a 120/100 and miss that dunlop, but couldn't find a pirelli that was that wide. a bit hard to change but gotta love the traction

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