What is the best slip on pipe for a 05' wr450?

I have looked on this site and I have read that some of people like the dr.d slip on pipe, what is the best slip on for the money? And this is just a side question the parts shop I went to said that a yz 450 pipe wont fit a wr450, i think he is full of it, is he? Thanks for any input

oh he is full of it alright, i have a yzf 450 pipe on my 05 wr450, not sure if there is much differance as i just bought the bike 2 weeks ago and havent tried the stock exhaust yet. I had a 01 wr426 with a doma pipe on it, i really liked it but was very loud so i bought a arrow pipe, didn't notice really any differance in performance but was slightly quiter.

I tried the stock pipe opened, white brothers E2, and DrD. I can tell you none of them made a huge difference compared with the others. The stock pipe restricted made the bike feel sluggish, but once opened it felt pretty good. That being said I liked the DrD the most - it seemed to be the best improvement all around and also sounds good as a bonus.

Dr.D has a great system, I mean the founder on Dr.D( doug Dubach) is yamaha factory test rider.

Does anyone have a problem with Bill's Pipes? $300 for a slip-on.

I have a stock YZ pipe on my 04.Im sure you could find one cheap like I did. Of course I did all the free stuff.My bike rips!. I took the time to jet is. I honestly dont know how much more power you could want. Im real happy with my bike right now

alright thanks alot guys i think ill go get a dr.d next weekend when i go into town, thanks

Just make sure it is the right model year, i.e. an '06 YZ will NOT fit an '06 WR due to the aluminum frame upgrade. Also, the Dr. D pipe needs a "mounting kit" to work with the '03-'06 WR. I think it's just a grommet and sleeve, but it's still needed...SC

Yeah, in general to get YZ parts to fit out Wr's you have to go back one year and that will work just fine. I have an 06 Wr with an 05 yz muffler on it, bolted right up and sounds great and way more power then stock one even with the pmb insert and first baffle removed.

I got the Dr.D about 2 weeks ago. I love it. I had debaffled the stock exhaust and put a PMB insert on and it didn't sound all that nice. It was also very hard to keep a tune, I was constantly adjusting the fuel screw. I bought the Dr.D slip on for $306 shipped. It sounds much deeper and much nicer than the debaffled stock pipe. The best part is I don't mess with my fuel screw anymore. Holds it tune perfectly now.

I didn't buy the installation kit. It was very hard to "slip on" the exhaust and there are no exhaust leaks around that area. I used the stock hardware to mount it and all is fine.

I've been reading about the FMF megabomb, I might do that next.

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