Faction MX

Is Faction making a valve and spring kit for the 150R yet? I don't see anything listed on the site, but I've seen Faction valve springs for the150R on eBay.

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    • By weantright
      For sale is a
      OEM seat cover, $25
      rear brake system for a small wheel, $50
      Henson clutch hub, $50
    • By SteveInSpotsy
      Looking for an auto clutch for a CRF150RB. The only new ones I can find are over $600. I know people have been putting them in these bikes for years now, so a used one would be just fine - the less used, the better.
    • By SteveInSpotsy
      Anyone know where I can find a front disc cover for this bike? I have scoured and have found nothing. Acerbis has a Mini-X cover, but I cannot find the hardware to mount it.
    • By Nicholas Russell
      I'm a racer and when my bike falls I pick it up as fast as I can but I still can't start it. In a race I don't have time to wait for it to unflood. Any tips to start it fast besides bump starts? I would really appreciate it. 
    • By Noah Hutchison
      Does anyone know where to buy a DbDawg silencer for a CRF150r??? I cannot find one I stick anywhere and need to quiet down the bike desperately!