Crazy Daytona !

Wow, the Daytona SX was one of the craziest races I have ever seen. Talk about a slopfest! Reed cheated and got what was coming to him on the last lap. Now everyone should know why you should race a Honda! A jetski may have won that race!:thumbsup:

AWESOME RACE. That was a 70's type race

I was there in the stands in Daytona watching it. Figured out my trenchcoat style Yamaha rain coat doesn't work as good sitting down (water goes in around the snaps). The conditions were miserable but I don't think I've had as much fun watching a race. Laughed my arse off the entire time. There were mud and water holes swallowing bikes whole. Was almost impossible to read any numbers on the bikes so you just sat and watched the never ending carnage.

Regardless of what Reed did, he was far and away the best rider out there and deserved the win. I felt bad for him when the bike quit. Was very impressed with Canard as well. Would be interesting to see his lap times compared with Reed's in those conditions.

It was an amazing race to see.

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