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Watkins on 3/7/08

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Warmed up to about 45 today so I headed to the track. Wasn't sure how it

was going to be since we have been getting some snow and wind blown snow the last week or so. Well there was still some snow sitting on portions of the track and it was very muddy and rutted in places. A few corners were ok up high where the sun could hit them. I ended up cutting a few sections of the track out just because they were so wet. They were grooming so it should be pretty good this weekend after things soak in. There was one jump face that needed some work but it was better than my last trip there. Still had fun and it was a good day. I ended up spending about an hour with the power washer getting the bike clean.

I just got done watching Dayton SX. I feel like a wimp for cutting the

"wet" sections of the track out. Damn those conditions were amazing. The

race it self was one of the most fun I have seen in a long time. I won't

spoil it but you should make an effort to see this one. amazing!:thumbsup:

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Went to Berthoud today and it was great. Perfect weather and the track was in decent shape. Should be great for the H/S tomorrow. Suppose to be in the mid 40's and maybe a dusting of snow so it should be a blast. Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight.

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