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Suspension Help- CR125.

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I searched but couldn't really find what I needed, so here it goes.

Bike- 02' CR125.

Me- 170 lbs. But planning on losing some weight REALLY soon, so count on about 160. Riding MX only.

I'm quite new to riding, so i'm not sure if I can even benefit from setting up my suspension right, but i'm sure it will help some.

What I really need help with is knowing how to set the "clickers"(As I've read?) back to stock, so I can work from there.

I have a manual so i'm not going to really ask the definitions of all the words, as i'll look it up as I go. Sag,clickers, etc.

Like I said, all the help I really need right now is how to set it back up to stock. I don't even know if it's been messed with, I just want to make sure so I can make changes.

I really don't want to mess anything up, so the more details the better.

Thanks alot!!!! :thumbsup:

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hey mate, here is what I was told were standard settings...


Comp - 18 pos. w/Std being 11-14 clicks

Rebound - 30 pos. w/Std being 18-22 clicks

Spring Preload Length Std = 267mm, Min.=257mm


Comp - 20 pos. w/Std being 8 clicks

Rebound -18 pos. w/Std being 12 clicks

I just got my suspension revalved and and setup for my weight, once you get to you final weight definitely get it setup for your weight. It is arguably the single best mod you can do to your bike

take it easy

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