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Coming off a long layoff - Help, please!

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Hi there - I'm relatively inexperienced with motorcycles and am hoping that you all could lend a hand.

About 4 years ago, I purchased my first bike - a barely used 2002 Ducati Monster 620 that had only ~700 miles on it. In the first year that I had it, I rode it for about 300 miles. However, since that first year, several things in my life changed and I haven't been able to ride it since. Of course, being the lazy idiot that I am, I did not prep my bike for long-term storage and have not done anything to make sure it is well-lubed, etc.

Long story short, my bike's been sitting in my garage without being ridden for about 3 years. But I'm really itching to get back out there now that it's starting to get warm again.

Question is - given that I haven't been maintaining my bike while it's been sitting, is it best to simply have it carried to my local dealer to have it tuned up/maintained? At minimum, I gather from what I've read that I will need to have the fluids drained and have my battery re-charged/replaced. I'm just not certain whether that's stuff that can easily be done by me rather than taking it into the dealer, especially considering the low mileage that I've got on it (only just over 1,000 miles).

Any comments or suggestions would be very appreciated. I promise to maintain my bike better from here on out!


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you dont need the dealer, you can do it, just clean out carb and put fresh gas in

actually, just check the oil and coolant put new gas in and try to start it, you never know......if it starts let it warm and take it out and really open it up down a road or something, because after 3 years it will be very carbed up

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